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So i am making a Dark harry fanfic but it will be LARRY! and i want to know how you guys feel about this. Please like if i should continue<3


I’ve never been the “good” guy. i was never the guy who made the right decisons. I was the exact opposite. Wherever i turn theres trouble. Theres rape, kidnappings, and murder. we Live in an imperfect world where nobody gives a damn.
My life consists of Liquor, and quick women. But when i look back into to my Dark past… do i really deserve any better? do i really deserve to have a decent life? My parents got divorced when i was 10. and when my dad left, my moms life took a turn for the worst. she would always get drunk thinking that it would relax her and make her forget, but it never did. it was only a temporary fix. like a bandage on a wound, everything just goes back to the way it was before.
My dad was just a bad man. I remember the way he used to hit her and break things when he was angry and drunk. I also remember how weak and helpless i felt when i couldn’t help. i wasn’t strong enough, I could only hide in my room hoping the fighting would end. She fell in love with a Monster. She was so sweet and innocent, and he was the exact opposite.
Me just talking about this makes me realise that i am no better then Him. Im no better then that Monster that i call my father. I’m just like him. I was as cold and as Heartless as he was. *scoff* Like father like son i quess. I just never cared about anything or anyone in a long time, i have an empty void in me that makes me realise that im not whole. It prevents me from getting close to anyone. im just damaged goods. Thats why i don’t care about anything…
But why care about people who don’t really care about you? why waste your time on someone who really doesn’t give a damn about you? Love is fake. Inexistent. it’s just a word for temporary feelings. but life, well life is real. The things i’ve seen and done in my past… i can’t undo them. But why the Hell would I ?

I’m Harry Styles. And this is my story.

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